47 Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas

rustic bathroom decorating ideas

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Everyone knows kitchens and bathrooms sell a house. But even if you have no intention of ever putting the family homestead on the market, you should still give the bathrooms the respect they deserve. (Did you know National Toilet Day is November 19? Neither did we.) Consider adding a little country flair to the each and every single bathroom in your home—we’re talking master, powder, and guest. Rustic reclaimed wood, natural stone, vintage patterns, and lightly patinaed pieces aren’t just for the more public spaces—these days, they’re all must-haves for those lavs. And who knows? You might feel so inspired by the countrification process that it inspires you to take on even more intense bathroom projects!

Rustic Reclaimed Bathroom Mirror

Nothing is more country than repurposing an something old like this vintage dye-cut piece into a surprisingly modern mirror.

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Vintage Bathroom Wallpaper

Vintage wallpaper can get expensive. That’s why it’s ideal for a powder bath—a little will go a long way! Add some pastoral paintings and even the most builder-basic bathroom will be transformed into a country charmer.

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Rustic Galvanized Bathroom Storage Solutions

Adding galvanized objects is a pretty darn quick way to add country flourish to a space is, and a super versatile tiered stand, like this one from Pottery Barn, is both pretty and practical. While you’re at it, why not take this lazy Susan for a spin!

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Rustic Bathroom Corrugated Ceiling

So long, popcorn ceiling! Cover up the offensive bumps—and add a ton of country character—with sheets of the reclaimed, weathered metal. The pristine white tub, sink, and medicine cabinet really pop against the ridged ceiling, stone walls, and wood floors.

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Country Bathroom Collection Display

Don’t discount the bathroom when it comes to displaying your beloved collectibles. Track down a super cute shelf and get to arranging artwork, dishware, bath products, rubber duckies—whatever it is that you collect!

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Rustic Tools in the Bathroom

What’s so great about a vintage ladder? Just lean it against the wall and it’s ready to go. Plus, you can actually use it to display guest towels. (Frankly, we’re surprised people actually have traditional towel racks at all anymore.)

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Farm-Friendly Bathroom Artwork

You can make the children’s bathroom an extra-special, no-muss, no-fuss animal sanctuary with a trio of cute prints featuring a few of your kids’ favorite species.

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Rustic Bathroom Hooks and Hangers

Old timey clothing hangers are right at home on a bathroom wall—especially when they’re paired with a row of present-day towel hooks. Got more collectibles you’d like to show off? Check out these display ideas.

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Nature-Inspired Bathroom Accents

Faux antlers arranged around a simple mirror add a simple rustic note to a modern bathroom that positively gleams with white tiles, marble countertops, and brass accents.

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Greenery in a Rustic Bathroom

It’s oh-so-easy to bring the outdoors in. Adorn your planked walls with a pine branch, and viola, you can start singing some selections from Into the Woods. Don’t have easy access to a tree? Layer in stacked logs, dried flowers, live flowers, or even a fiddle leaf fig.

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Gray All Over

For a cohesive look, pick a soft hue and use it on both walls and cabinets like this Georgia sporting cabin. The “z-back” detailing and wood counter add even more country charm to this neutral bathroom.

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Industrial Accents

This airy white bathroom’s pristine shine is offset by an antique accordion light and other vintage treasures.

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Repurposed Items

Elements like a trough from a local feed store reused as a shower and metal sink compliment the resourcefulness of this barn that was built from a DIY kit.

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Antique Accessories

The couple living in this 18-century farmhouse love vintage mirrors, and what better place to showcase them than the bathroom?

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Reused Materials

In this guest bathroom, designer Melanie Milner dressed windows with valances made from German feed sacks.

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Natural Materials

The soapstone countertop, wood paneled walls, and antique sink all work together this give the bathroom in this beautiful Alabama house a less refined look and feel.

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Upcycled Pieces

In the master bath of this family’s country dream home, a claw-foot tub sits on wood blocks. The vanity is simply an old work bench with a new vessel sink, while a simple salvaged doorknob became a smart substitute for a plain old nail.

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Renovated Farmhouse Bathroom

An old copper sink basin (with two faucets), antique sconces and a vintage tub bring back a sense of history to this bathroom space.

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Inherent Simplicity

It comes down to an inherent simplicity, which perhaps explains why blue and white inhabit so many decorating icons: Think spatterware and spongeware; Blue Willow china and Wedgwood. And we never tire of the fabrics, from elegant toile de Jouy to crisp ticking to humble flour-sack stripes.

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Antique Details Add Distinction

An absence of built-in cabinetry carries the theme of Old World charm into the bathroom. For storage, an armoire fronted with chicken wire lets contents breathe — a big plus in a humid room. A small sterling-silver Edwardian purse dangles from the door handle.

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Antique Touches

A new master bathroom looks original, thanks to its apron-front sink with toile skirt; old record cabinets provide storage.

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Copper Tub

Homeowners found the gleaming copper tub in the master bath on eBay.

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Industrial Bathroom

For quick and easy installation, try sheets of smaller tiles, like these two-inch tiles, found here in one-foot square sheets.

Exposed chimney bricks act as foils for the coolness of the color scheme and the sleekness of the metal furniture.

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Storage Solution

Both the dresser and cabinet not only provide loads of storage, but unlike built-ins, they can be repurposed and rearranged when needed.

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Vintage Revival

Subtle touches of pink soften a black-and-white vintage bath.

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Vintage Touches

Materials of various pedigrees, such as a gilded mirror frame and an old, oxidized faucet, harmonize nicely.

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Bathroom Display Shelf

Add shelving to your powder room to hold pretty toiletries. Remove the back of an old wine crate or wooden box. Make shelves to fit inside the box, then add a bit of glamour by fastening a gilded frame onto the front of the unit. For an antique finish, spray-paint with Krylon Crystal Color.

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Vintage-Style Renovation

A new renovation is personalized with vintage touches. Here, new beadboard and honeycomb tile update the space, while bits of old Italian sconces, salvaged shelves, and a barber-shop cabinet give it character.

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Slipper Tub

The slipper tub and chandelier add touches of luxury in the master bath.

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