100 Unbelievably Cheap DIY Home Decor Crafts

Do you ever get that urge to do something for your home, to craft something…anything that could make your home more beautiful, more customized, more…you? All it takes is one successful attempt at DIY home decor to get hooked and to want more so if you’ve already done this once you’re probably already looking for the next idea. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have a ton of cool home decor hacks and DIY projects and ideas just waiting for someone like you to turn them into reality.

Candle crafts

Colorful outdoor candle holderView in gallery

Great for both indoor and outdoor use, these little cube lanterns are really easy to make and all you need for that is some candles, glue, large washers, square dowel rods, something to cut the rods with and some spray paint. You can figure out the details just by looking at these lanterns. in gallery

Some of our favorite DIY projects involve the use of driftwood or fallen branches. One of them is this branch candle holder which can be customized in a variety of ways, based on the type of branch you want to use, its size, shape and all sorts of other details. The whole process is very simple. Just take branch, sand it down a bit and clean it, then drill the holdes for the candles and put tea lights in them. You can paint the branch or give it a lacquered finish.

Cool ways to customize your light fixtures in gallery

You have a lamp and you think it’s nice but you feel like something is missing from its design. Does this sound familiar at all? It’s a pretty common situation and the solution can be very simple: customize the lampshade. One thing you can do is to cover it with fabric. You’ll need a piece of fabric that you like, spray adhesive and a lampshade with a suitable shape. in gallery

The idea of crafting a whole light fixture from scratch sounds intimidating and while that is in fact the case, some designs are actually pretty simple and DIY-friendly, like this brass chandelier which you can make out of pipes and fittings. You can give it any shape you want and you can play with the pieces in all sorts of cool ways. in gallery

Lamps are less scary and even more DIY-friendly than other fixtures. For example, a mason jar desk lamp is something that pretty much anyone could put together. We love this project because it’s super easy and also because there are a ton of ways in which you can personalize the lamp. in gallery

I don’t know about you but I love to craft things out of paper so, naturally, i’d jump at the idea of making an origami lampshade. It’s a fairly simple project for which you need some wallpaper, scissors, a hole punch, glue, a light cord kit and string. in gallery

You know those globe lampshades that look like hollow yarn balls? You could definitely make one of those and you’d even have fun doing it. Depending on how large you want the lampshade to be you’ll need a round balloon and some string. You can use cotton twine or some other type of string which isn’t too thick. You’ll also need craft glue, some flour, spray paint and a few hooks. in gallery

There are so many cool things you can do with paper that we don’t even know which projects to pick first. We already showed you how to make an origami lampshade so now it’s time for something a bit different: a faux capiz shell chandelier. The supplies needed include a piece of wire grating, laminated rice paper, a circle punch (or one in a different shape), a hot glue gun and a sewing machine.

DIY Yarn Wrapped Lighting FeatureView in galleryDIY Yarn Wrapped Lighting Feature

Yarn is also a very versatile resource when it comes to DIY projects of all kinds. One idea is to make a yarn-wrapped lampshade. You can make the lampshade yourself out of some thick wire or you can use an existing one. You’ll need a lot of yarn which you basically just wrap around the shade until it’s all covered up. The resulting shade will have a really cute and cozy look, perfect for the cool seasons. in gallery

Industrial-style light fixtures are among the easiest ones that you can build yourself from scratch. This usually involves some sort of fittings and metal pipes. This bathroom light fixture has a wooden base and is designed to be installed on a wall. It can be interesting to use a piece of driftwood instead of a clean cut plank or perhaps a piece of reclaimed wood from an old piece of furniture could work. in gallery

Some projects are so simple and so cute you start to wonder why you didn’t do them sooner. For instance, you could have this dreamy lampshade made out of wallpaper. It really is extremely easy to make and it looks really chic. Who needs expensive light fixtures when you could just have this instead? in galleryDIY Folded Lampshade With Wooden Elements

Another amazing type of lampshade which you can make with minimal costs and which looks very stylish and posh only requires a few little things such as an A4 piece of thick paper (either black or white), a piece of string, double-sided tape and three wooden beads. With these things you can make a folded lampshade that’s simply gorgeous.

Pretty coasters

DIY Geometric Felt CoastersView in gallery

Coasters are always useful and you can’t really have too many of them so It’s never really a bad time to customize a few. It’s a great activity for when you’re feeling bored and in the mood to craft something pretty without investing too much time and effort. That being said, check out these geometric felt coasters. To make these you need some felt, cork tiles, plain cardstock and craft glue. in gallery

As it turns out, those scrapbook paper leftovers can be useful and the same thing can be said about wrapping paper. You could use some pieces to customize a bunch of patterned coasters. Don’t these look really pretty. If you like them, you can make similar ones using resin, a circle silicone mold, scrapbook paper, mod podge and a paint brush.

Ingenious ways to store your things in gallery

Tired of losing your keys and just leaving them on counters and tables only to forget every time where you’ve put them? Maybe it’s time you came up with a crafty solution for this project. How would you like to make a wire key holder? It’s pretty easy and since you’ll be using pliable wire you can basically just shape it however you like. in gallery

What about your living room. You probably have a TV in there and chances are that you also have a few other devices as well which have to be stored somehow. We’re talking about things like an x-box, a router, maybe also a small server (NAS) and these take up space and need to be plugged so it’s practically to just keep them all together on a shelf under the TV. You can make that shelf yourself. We’re calling this one a media box.

DIY Paint-Dipped Rope BasketView in gallery

I find rope baskets to be really useful and really cute too. They’re great for storing things like keys, hair clips, jewelry and all sorts of small items. The coolest thing about them is that you can make them yourself from scratch. You just need some heavy rope, a hot glue gun and, if you also want to add some color to your design, some spray paint as well. Using these things you can make a pretty paint-dipped rope basket which you can then keep on your desk, coffee table or counter.

DIY Magnetic Knife HolderView in gallery

A magnetic knife holder is one of those things that you know you want but you just can’t find the opportunity to buy for a variety of reasons. Well, maybe it would be easier to just make one yourself. Go get yourself a block of wood, a drill, some strong glue, a bunch of round heavy-duty magnets, a hammer and a few brackets and nails and take matters into your own hands. I should probably do this myself…

Simple Folded Felt BowlsView in gallery

A folded felt bowl like this one looks cute and stylish and is also practical. You can keep your keys and coins in it or you can use it to store all sorts of other small things, including potpourri. To make such a bowl you only need a piece of felt, fabric glue and scissors. You should also have some cardstock ready to make a template.

DIY Fast and Easy Built-In Wall Garage ShelvesView in gallery

All these little crafts are definitely nice and useful in their own way but sometimes you need to do something a bit more drastic if you want to actually improve your home decor or to make your home more space-efficient. An idea is to build some wall shelves for the garage (or pantry). Don’t worry, it’s not that hard. You need some wood boards, a miter saw (possibly also a circular one), some screws or nails and some mounting hardware. in gallery

Another useful craft that can make a big difference in your home decor is a diy towel rack. You can make one out of metal pipes and fittings and you can add a wooden shelf as well so you can keep more things on it, like planters, toiletries or extra towels.

DIY Double Box ShelfView in gallery

Check out this double box shelf…isn’t it funky? This design direction is very common in modern and contemporary home decors. Want to make one just like it? You need the following: two wooden boxes, craft paint, a paint brush, a saw, wood glue, a hammer, 4 small nails and spray lacquer. Feel free to use your favorite colors. in gallery

Storage boxes are very practical and can be useful in many different settings and situations. For instance, you can solve the problem of a messy playroom with a simple wooden toy box. It’s like a treasure chest but for toys. You can build one of out reclaimed wood or from plywood. Paint it to make it more attractive and install casters so kids can easily move it around. in gallery

Bathrooms don’t usually have much storage and that’s something that you could work on. For example, you could take advantage of the unused space in the bathroom, like that area above the door. You could make a shelf to keep extra towels, toilet paper rolls and other things up there. It’s a very simple above-the-door storage shelf which doesn’t require much skill, time or resources from your part. in gallery

We really like the idea of personalizing a space with framed photos even though it may seem like an outdated or cheesy idea to some. If you don’t like the idea of framing photos and displaying them on the fireplace mantel or on the desk, think of some other way of making them a part of your decor. Perhaps you could build a picture ledge or several if you want to create a gallery wall.

DIY Simple Brass Toilet Paper HolderView in gallery

For the bathroom, a simple and at the same time useful craft can be a custom toilet paper holder. You could make one out of some brass wire and you could attach it to a box shelf which, by the way, would also be very easy to build from scratch. So there you have it, a simple brass toilet paper holder which you can craft in only a few minutes…a nice way to personalize your bathroom. in gallery

Every entryway needs a shoe rack. Actually, this is not an accessory exclusive to entryways. You could also add it to a walk-in closet to increase its storage-efficiency. In any case, we can show you how to build a stylish shoe rack from scratch. It’s not a very complex project although it is a bit more difficult than most of the others we presented so far. Nevertheless, if you follow the instructions there shouldn’t be any problems.

DIY Leather Sling Wine RackView in gallery

A wine rack is one of those things that seem cool and fancy but cost too much to be worth purchasing. Well, what if you made one yourself? We have the perfect design idea: a leather sling wine rack that’s easy and fun to put together. To make it, you need a leather strap, a sharp needle, glue, some screws, a drill, clamps and a bunch of little pieces of hardwood. In a way, it’s like putting together a puzzle. in gallery

Not every home decor idea has to be related to furniture. In fact, a lot of them aren’t. After all, it’s often the little things that matter in life. Based on this idea, we present to you a quirky little mirrored tray. It’s made out of a regular wooden tray which has been spray painted for a fresh and new look and which has a mirror glued to it. in gallery

A jewelry stand is a little thing which you can do for yourself. It’s practical and with it you can finally say goodbye to all that mess resulted from throwing all your jewelry in a box or in a drawer only to have to waste time digging through that pile whenever you need something. We’re proposing a simple copper pipe stand which can be made as big or as small as you need it to be. in gallery

Big drawers are great because they provide a lot of storage space for all sorts of things like clothes, plates, documents, utensils and all sorts of knick-knacks. There is, however, a downside and it’s the fact that they rarely stay organized. They get messy really quick. To avoid that or at least to postpone the tragic end, you could make some drawer dividers using some cardboard.

Hanging crafts in gallery

We have a bunch of cool home decor ideas which are aimed at things that you can hang on walls, the goal being to fill a void or to give a space more character. One idea is to decorate walls with custom posters using wooden slat frames. To make something like this you only need a few things such as a long and rectangular piece of wood, some sandpaper, a drill, a saw, 2 popsicle sticks, some twine and paper print. in gallery

Some people like to hang plates on their wall. Maybe you could do the same in your kitchen or in the dining area. Select a few plates in various shapes, sizes and colors and display them on a wall using picture hangers and glue. Maybe collecting cool plates can become a hobby. in gallery

Here’s another idea related to jewelry, more specifically to the idea of storing and organizing jewelry in a practical and stylish manner. This is a jewelry tree and it’s basically just a branch that you can hang necklaces and other things from. It looks lovely and you can mount it onto a wall if you want to save space on the counter. in gallery

There are all sorts of crafts which can help beautify the walls in your home. One of them is this yarn fringe wall hanging which could make a space look extra cozy and welcoming and which is simple and versatile enough to fit into a variety of decors and spaces. It’s made using a metal ring and a bunch of yarn. in gallery

Looking for something to display in your kitchen, to fill that empty wall or column? How about something super simple like these EAT boards? You can arrange them vertically or horizontally and there’s also room for customization if you want to paint them to match your kitchen cabinetry for example. in gallery

Next, a woven wall decoration with a lot of charm and which requires you to build a loom first. Don’t worry, it’s nothing too complicated or big. You just need a rectangular piece of cardboard, some yarn, a wooden dowel and scissors to complete this project. in gallery

Have you ever made tissue paper flowers? It’s quite simple and you can then use them as decorations in all sorts of cool ways. One idea is to make a bunch of big tissue paper flowers and to hang them on a wall to create a colorful and fun display. Perhaps you could decorate the balcony this way. in gallery

We all have our knick-knacks that we like to keep as reminders or that have a special meaning. Some of them would look good on shelves, more specifically on floating shelves like these chic little ones. They’re not just great for knick-knacks but also for children’s books or for collectibles. in gallery

When storage is limited and there’s not a lot of space to work with, you have to get creative. A cool and at the same time very practical home decor idea is to make a facade wire hanger which you can keep on a door and use to store towels, clothes and other things. Obviously, the most interesting thing about it is the facade outline. in gallery

A mini chalkboard wall hanging is something you can add to just about any room. The coolest thing about it is that you can personalize in all sorts of ways. Write a cute message on it, a draw something funny or make a note of something. The possibilities are endless. in gallery

You don’t need to be a talented painter to make canvas wall art for your home. You just need to be creative. For example, this is something you could display in the dining room, the living area and even in the bedroom. It’s simple, chic and abstract and anyone could do it. in gallery

Yes, this wood heart decoration looks girly and a bit cheesy but sometimes that’s just what a space needs to feel like home and to stand out. If you like the idea, make your own heat-shaped decoration. You could make it from scratch or use a ready-made, plain and unfinished wood heart and you can just decorate it with scrapbook paper and letter cutouts. in gallery

The curtains are an important part of a room’s interior decor, their role being to provide privacy and shade but also to make a space look cohesive and beautiful. Picking the curtains is just one of the steps you need to worry about. You also have to figure out how to hang the curtains and that’s where we can help. Check out our guide and tips. in gallery

We keep going back to jewelry holders and one explanation for that is the fact that there are simply so many different storage possibilities to consider that we can’t really pick a single one. That being said, check out this Ikea spice rack which has been turned into a jewelry holder. It’s such a simple craft that you barely have to do anything. in gallery

You’re probably familiar with the concept of string art. If you’ve already done something like this before then you know there’s nothing to fear. The process is easy and the design possibilities are endless. In this case, for example, the outline of a tree can be identified. It looks really cool. in gallery

A lot of times people don’t really know what to do with their sunglasses once they get inside the house or into the office. The glasses end up gathering dust on a shelf or on a table and get moved around or thrown in drawers along with other things. That’s not practical at all. The solution is propose is a chic little holder designed specifically for sunglasses. As you can see, this one is decorated with scrapbook paper and looks really cute. in gallery

A shelf is very versatile, it’s one of those things which you can always add to a room in order to make it more storage-efficient or more cohesive. A small hanging rope shelf is a pretty specific craft which we find very charming. We like the simplicity and the subtle rustic and nautical look. You could craft a shelf like this one for the bathroom, the hallway or the kitchen. in gallery

Welcome nature into your home and let its freshness and beauty transform the spaces. It doesn’t have to be anything too dramatic. Think of a simple wall-hanging made of three wooden sticks, some string and some twigs, flowers or a climbing plant which is trained to grow on them. That could be a the new focal point of your living room or you can use this as a decoration for the bedroom. in gallery

Having trouble finding inspiration for your next project or getting hyped about it? Give yourself a push and make a project out of it. We’re talking about crafting a “create” sign. You only need a few things in order to do that like a pre-made sign (or a few boards), some paint, letter stencils, glue and paintbrushes.

DIY Minimalist Canvas ArtView in gallery

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, perhaps you’d like to make some canvas art. You could paint something abstract either using a paint roller, a brush or your bare hands. It doesn’t have to be perfect and it doesn’t even have to be based on a very specific idea or image. in gallery

Did you know you can use cookie cutters to make cute ornaments which you can hang in the Christmas tree or which you can use to make garlands or as cute decorations around the house? It’s not even that difficult. Take these dala horse ornaments for example. They’re linked to the Scandinavian culture, being a Swedish symbol and they’re really chic and beautiful. in gallery

In case you have some colored yarn just lying around, we can show you a way to make some string wall art with it. This is a very simple hanging decoration which is made using nothing more than a wooden dowel (a metal pipe could work too) and yarn in various colors and textures. You can spray paint the dowel if you want. in gallery

There’s not much you can do with an old window shutter once it’s no longer needed for its intended purpose…unless you repurpose it. You could make a cool shutter shelf for your office, entryway, bathroom, hallway or kitchen. You might have to cut the shutter down to size. After that you can paint it and attach a wooden board to make a shelf (or more). in gallery

Coat racks are easy to make too and with so many different variations, styles and designs to choose from there’s always an idea that’s accessible, like this rustic coat rack which you can make out of a simple wooden board which can be a leftover piece from another project and some simple wire hooks. in gallery

Whenever you need a small storage container or you’re looking for a way to organize a few small things, you can always count on mason jars to be useful. You can use them in tons of cool ways. For example, you could make a mason jar wall organizer. Doesn’t this one look chic? We love those leather straps. in gallery

Maybe the idea of having a wine rack sounds interesting and enticing but you don’t feel like you’ll need all those slots since you hardly ever drink wine and you’re not a collector. Well, there’s actually no point in having a big wine rack when a small one would do just fine. So go ahead and make one. You need a few pieces of wood, a saw, a hammer, some glue, paint and nails.

Custom decorations in gallery

Every home should have decorative pillows and yes we know it’s easy to get carried away and to end up with more pillows than you can fit on the sofa but there are just so many cute and lovely designs and ways to customize these things that it’s practicality impossible to ignore the fact that you want them all. Some designs are really simple, like this one which is a plain pillow embellished with fabric flowers. in gallery

Not a big fan of fabric flowers? Maybe you like tassels more. Here’s how you can make a cute tassel pillow: first make a bunch of yarn tassels (you can find all the details in the tutorial), then take a pillowcase and attach each tassel to it using thread and a large needle. You can attach the tassels all around the edge of the pillowcase or only the four corners. in gallery

If you’d prefer to drop the ornaments altogether and to just make a simple and chic accent pillow, check out this mud cloth-inspired design. It requires the following supplied: linen cloth, straight pins, a permanent fabric pen, cardstock, a sewing machine, an icon, pillow insert and a straight edge. in gallery

Brighten up your home with a lovely billy ball bouquet. You can make the flowers out of mustard yellow-colored yarn. Attach the balls to floral wire stems and then put your bouquet in a mason jar or in a vase. If you like you can also use yarn in other colors to match the bouquet to your own home decor. in gallery

Similar strategies can be used when creating festive decorations for special occasional like the 4th of July. We actually have the perfect table decor idea for this very event. To make this centerpiece you need wood rounds with bark, a styrofoam ball, red, white and blue fabric flowers (you can buy them or you can make them yourself), a hot glue gun, ribbon, flower stencils and craft paint. in gallery

Not a big fan of flowers in general? Perhaps you prefer simple greens instead and in that case you might like these cute crepe paper leaf branches. They’re made of crepe paper and….branches. They’re really easy to make and they look lovely when displayed in a simple vase or a jar on a table, a desk or a shelf. in gallery

Wall clocks are no longer something we need but rather something we find cool and interesting, something we display and customize, much like we do with artwork. You can actually make your own wall clock and there are a lot of design strategies you can use for that. If you prefer a simple approach, check out this minimalist design which is made of wood. in gallery

This isn’t the first time we mention DIY abstract wall art so you might already be familiar with the concept. What we want to show you now is a very simple and fun method which you can use to create cool artwork for your home. You only need a canvas, a circular sponge brush (or two, if you want different sizes) and acrylic paint in various colors (here some grey, black, white and silver hues were used). in gallery

For your book collection, no matter how big or small it is, we suggest making some of these cute fox bookends. Actually they don’t have to be foxes. You can repurpose any salt and pepper shakers into bookends. You need spray paint, wooden blocks and glue. You can do the same thing with toys or figurines. in gallery

Have you ever decorated with wood tags? They’re very versatile. You can hang them on doors and walls to create focal points or to fill voids on gallery displays. In any case, we have some coastal-themed design ideas that we want to share with you. Aren’t these tags just charming? To make something similar you need some plain wood tags, dye or paint, beach-themed stencils (shells, sea horses, stars and other similar symbols), white chalk paint and a foam brush.

DIY Gilded Pencil HolderView in gallery

We also have an idea for a DIY accessory for your desk: a gilded pencil holder. To make it you need a wooden block, sandpaper, a drill with bits in different sizes and some spray paint. Cut the wood block to the desired size if needed and drill holes in it so you can organize your pencils in them. Sand down the wood and then paint it. If it sounds simple that’s because it is.

DIY planters

DIY Concrete Succulent PlanterView in gallery

We always say that there are so many different planters and pots to choose from it’s impossible not to find something that you like but not all of these designs are available at your local store and ordering them online is just not worth it. So how about crafting your own beautiful planters? That’s actually an awesome idea and, as you’ll see, the projects are easier than you think. Take this concrete succulent planter for example. You can make one of these any time you want and you can give it any shape you desire as long as you have the right container to use as a mold. in gallery

Air plants are awesome because they don’t need soil to stay healthy which means you can create some really cool displays with them. An idea can be to hang them using some chic geometric planters which you can make from scratch out of hollow brass rods and galvanized wire. in gallery

Let’s move on to something bigger: a pallet planter which you can keep both indoor and outdoor. It looks chic and modern and it’s made out of reclaimed pallet boards. First you build the frame, then you add the bottom and sides and after that you attach the legs. Once you paint it you can take a step back and admire your creation. in gallery

Like it or not, terra-cotta pots are probably the best ones for your plants. They don’t exactly look pretty but that can be changed if you just use some acrylic paint to give them a quick makeover. Use painter’s tape to create geometric patterns and cool designs. in gallery

If you can get your hands on a tree stump, you could turn it into a unique planter. The tree trunk planter can have any size you want as long as you find a suitable piece of wood, of course. A small one would look really cute on the desk. You can simply drill a hole into the stump and put your plant in there. Of course you can also decorate and customize the planter. For instance, you can paint it. in gallery

A lot of things can be repurposed into planters and this includes tin cans. Curious how tin can planters look like? Well, they’re just cans with plants in them but the cool thing about this whole idea is that they can be customized and decorated in a ton of creative ways. You can spray paint them, wrap them in yarn or rope or you can decorate them with scrapbook paper. in gallery

How about something smaller and more delicate? A test tube vase is a super easy craft. You don’t actually have to do anything other than put some water in it and add a single flower stem. You can put together several test tube vases to create a nice centerpiece. Use a wooden block as a frame. in gallery

Another cool idea is to make a terrarium. For that, you need a glass container, some bark, rocks, moss, potting soil, activated charcoal and other things you’d like to put inside plus, of course, some tiny plants. You can put the terrarium on a shelf or on a table but you can also hang it. in gallery

A kokedama planter can also look really nice if you hang it somewhere. Here’s what you need to make one: sheet moss or Sphagnum moss, bonsai compost, twine or string, a bowl, a plant and gardening gloves. It’s an easy craft and it’s also quite unusual which makes it that much more interesting. in gallery

Finding a vase that you like is not easy so you’re much better off just buying a plain one and customizing it yourself. That way you give it meaning and you get to make something really special for your home. In that sense, we suggest adding a hand-painted flower vase to your DIY home decor collection. in gallery

Small succulents and cacti don’t need much soil to stay healthy which means you could make some really cute little geometric planters for them using wooden blocks. Air plants don’t need soil at all which gives you even more freedom. Take a wooden block, shape it however you want using a saw, sand it, paint it, drill a hole for the plant at the top and you’re done. in gallery

Air plants don’t even need a planter. They can be displayed on shelves, in glass containers, terrariums, you can hang them with string or you can make little air plant stands for them. To make one of these stands you need a wood block shaped like a cube, a piece of silver or gold floral wire, something cylindrical to wrap the wire around, a drill and wire cutters. in gallery

You can completely reinvent a planter by simply making a macrame hanger for it. It’s not a difficult project but it is one that requires dexterity and patience. Here’s what you need in order to make the hanging support: jute twine, an assortment of wooden beads big enough to fit over two strands of twine, a rattan cane ring, a ruler and scissors.

DIY Oversized TerrariumView in gallery

Not all terrariums are the same. In fact, each one is unique and special. Let’s say you want to make an oversized terrarium for your desk or for your bathroom counter. You could start with a large and transparent glass vase. It’s up to you to decide what you put inside. It could be a combination of small rocks, soil, moss and a variety of trinkets and decorations like shells or small figurines. don’t forget the succulents or other small indoor plants. in gallery

I’ve always liked vases that are made out of cut glass bottles. The process of actually cutting the bottle was something that really scared me but then I realized just how easy it is if you know how to do it. That’s when cut glass bottle vases really started to stand out. Perhaps you’d like to add some to your own home decor. You could repurpose a few beer bottles since they have the right size and they come in various colors. Use a bottle cutter and thick gloves.

DIY Geometric Metal Tubing Hanging PlanterView in gallery

Hanging planters are great for several reasons, one of them being the fact that they save counter space and they stay out of the way. Considering this, there are surprisingly few designs to choose from which brings us to our next project, a DIY hanging planter made of brass tubing. Pair it with a cute bowl and use twine or string to connect the tubes and to shape the whole frame.

DIY Paint Drip & Milk Glass VaseView in gallery

We love the paint-drip technique and we actually shared a few inspiring DIY projects that use it, including this beautiful vase. The project starts with a clear glass vase and some gold acrylic paint as well as some white latex paint. Contrary to what you’re probably thinking, it’s actually the gold paint that’s applied first after which comes the white paint.

DIY furniture – quirky tables and accessories

DIY Tree Stump Side TableView in gallery

You have all the main furniture pieces and everything is in order but you feel like there’s something missing: an accent table. This actually happens a lot and the search for the right table can be long and full of obstacles which is why we suggest considering the possibility to build the piece yourself. It doesn’t have to be an expensive or complicated project. You could make a tree stump side table. It’s quick and easy.

DIY Pallet Table with Hairpin LegsView in gallery

A coffee table can be easy to built too, especially if you choose a simple design. Let’s say you decide to repurpose a pallet. You only have to make a few modifications, to remove a few boards, to cut a few pieces and to nail others in place after which you can add four hairpin legs and your pallet coffee table is complete.

DIY Industrial Pipe Coffee CartView in gallery

Another project you could try is a coffee cart. It too is a sort of table and it too is easy to craft. Naturally, an industrial design comes to mind simply because they’re usually easy to implement. We suggest building the cart out of metal pipes and wooden boards, a combination that’s versatile and easy to work with.

Contemporary Desk with Shelf and Hairpin LegsView in gallery

A desk can seem like a complicated piece of furniture but that shouldn’t intimidate you because we’re ready to show you just how easy it can be to put together a stylish desk with hairpin legs. First, glue two pieces of wood together to make the top. Then cut the boards for the frame and follow the instructions in the tutorial, after which all that’s left to do is install the hairpin legs. in gallery

You can even dare to build a TV stand for your living room. It’s nothing to be intimidated by, especially if you’re realistic about what you want to achieve and as long as you’re happy with a simple design like this one which is a blend of rustic, industrial and modern elements. It’s basically a table with a storage shelf. in gallery

The smaller the furniture piece, the easier it is to build. Well, that’s true up to a point. In any case, we’re pretty excited about this tomato cage side table. One of the reasons is that it’s made out of a repurposed wire tomato cage which is really cool and inspiring. We like how simple it is and that the base can be spray painted in any color. in gallery

The fact that wooden pallets can be repurposed into furniture and home decor pieces is no secret so the fact that you can make a wall-mounted wine rack out of one shouldn’t come as a surprise. If you make the rack about the same size as this one you might even be able to use the leftover wood to also make something else for your home. in gallery

A side table can be built out of pretty much anything. For example, if you have a slab of wood you can just attach three hairpin legs to it and call it a table. It would be easy to build and it would look pretty too. You can spray paint the legs if you want or you can leave it as such. in gallery

A modern cake stand is another thing you can make using a wood slab. Doesn’t this one look cute? The base is actually a small bowl attached to the wood piece with plumber’s potty. We like the proportions of the cake stand and also the fact that you can turn it upside down and use it as a regular bowl. in gallery

Another cute and useful thing you can craft for your home is an upholstered footstool. You can build it from scratch or you can give an existing one a makeover. Pick a type of fabric that’s easy to clean and durable in a color or a pattern that complements your home decor. in gallery

Next, another coffee table with a tile top. It’s easy to make and you can complete the project in around 30 minutes with a very small budget. You need some wood for the frame and legs and a tile for the top. Of course, you can use this idea as a source of inspiration and you can come up with a different version of the design which better suits your style and needs.

DIY Plumbers Pipe Standing DeskView in gallery

The most DIY-friendly furniture pieces are usually those that have very simple designs and which don’t require a lot of precision. Industrial and rustic designs are both great options in that sense. One example is this standing desk which has a top made of wooden boards and a frame made of metal pipes and fittings. in gallery

Not all home improvement projects imply building an item from scratch, especially when it comes to furniture. Some of the most inspiring DIY home decor projects are makeovers. There are a lot of cool ways in which you can improve what you already have. Let’s say you have a nightstand that’s in good condition but which doesn’t really look the way you’d want it to. Perhaps you could transform it. An idea can be to use marble contact paper.

DIY Pouf Ottoman CubeView in gallery

The last DIY project that we want to share with you today is a pouf ottoman. We’re really fond of poufs because they’re just so cute and cozy and so practical you just can’t resist them. As it happens, a pouf is also something that you can craft yourself from scratch. You need strong and durable fabric, a sewing machine a bunch of polystyrene balls. It’s not only easy but also fun.

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