Best 20 Vegetable Garden Design Ideas for Green Living

Updated: October 8, 2017 by Shiny Aura

modern vegetable garden design ideas

Having vegetable garden is great for green living, especially if you live in the city. There are many vegetable garden design ideas for various house designs, but you must choose the one that is suitable for your needs. Here are useful ideas to consider for your garden project.

Backyard Vegetable Garden Design

The backyard garden is a popular idea for growing vegetables. If you do not have much fertile soil in the backyard, you can use planter from reclaimed objects, such as a pallet or wooden boxes.

The raised vegetable garden is also a good idea, especially if you have a lot of needs for fresh vegetables.

Small Backyard Vegetable Garden

small backyard vegetable

Amazing Vegetable Garden Ideas

amazing vegetable garden

Vegetable Garden in Your Backyard

how to create vegetable garden in your

Beautiful Vegetable Garden Design Ideas

beautiful vegetable garden design

Vertical Vegetable Garden Design

The vertical vegetable garden is a great idea for small space. If you live in small house or apartment, for example, you can use the terrace, patio, or even balcony as a vertical garden.

Simply combine pots, hanging baskets, trellis, and shelves for more efficient space-using. However, make sure your garden is still close to a water source.

Do not worry; you still have a lot of plant options for a vertical garden. From climbing varieties, there are squashes, tomatoes, green beans, lima beans, and peas.

You can use pots to plant popular vegetables and spices, such as chili peppers, lettuces, radishes, onions, and herbs.

Vertical Vegetable Garden DIY

vertical vegetable garden

Indoor Vertical Vegetable Garden

indoor vertical vegetable

Vertical Vegetable Garden Planters 

vertical vegetable garden planters

Vertical Pallet Vegetable Garden

vertical pallet vegetable

PVC Pipe Vertical Vegetable Garden

pvc pipe vertical vegetable

Modern Vegetable Garden Design

Do you love “clean” look but with striking visual? Try modern vegetable garden design. The image of the vegetable garden is usually very rustic, but you can create “clean design” with planters or boxes. One trend in striking visual is making tiered planters with different heights.

You can also create planters from bricks or rocks, and place them in several strategic spots in your yard. Connect the planters with garden pathways to create balance. It is a great way to create a landscape with vegetable gardens.

DIY modern vegetable garden

DIY modern vegetable

Modern Indoor Hydroponic Vegetable Garden

modern Indoor Hydroponic Vegetable

Vegetable Garden Bed Design with Creative Materials

Another way to create a distinctive vegetable garden is with creative materials. A raised bed is common for the garden, but if you use a unique material, it will immediately attract the eyes. For example, instead of using planks or bricks, you can use branches, trunks, concrete blocks, or even stones.

Sandbags are the other creative materials that you can easily get. To make the garden look charming in a rustic way, you can use burlap sacks instead of white sandbags.

Raised Garden Bed Inspiration

Raised garden bed

Forever Raised Beds

 Forever Raised

Fabulous Raised Garden-bed Ideas

fabulous raised garden bed

A Raised Bed Garden in the City

A Raised Bed Garden in the

Backyard Raised Garden Web

Backyard Raised Garden

Vegetable Garden Designs for Small Yards

Finally, if you have limited space, you can try ingenious vegetable garden designs for small yards. As explained before, the vertical vegetable garden is a useful solution for a small yard. However, you can also try hanging garden, using cut-off gutter or PVC pipe as planting medium.

Another way to have a small vegetable garden is by using containers. They allow you to place your vegetables on spots such as a patio, yard, balcony, or even table.

Since you have limited options, make sure to plan your veggie options. Depending how many veggies you need, you may choose plants that provide harvests in all seasons, or dwarf varieties and vines that do not take much space.

Small Space Vegetable Garden

Small Space Vegetable

Raised Beds Make Good Use of Space

A Raised Bed Garden in the

Vegetable Gardening in Small Spaces

Vegetable Gardening in Small

Having vegetable garden is no longer a laborious and expensive dream. With these vegetable garden design ideas, you can get fresh harvests wherever you live.

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