COCOCOZY Design House -The Living Room

After the launch of the COCOCOZY Design House video series on Amazon Prime Video last week (will tell you more about that next week), without further ado I’m back with more images for the COCOCOZY Design House living room. It’s been a while since the first posts about the COCOCOZY design house and I have been receiving countless messages about when the next installment would be. I’m so excited to share more images with all of you! I feel so thankful that the Design House has been covered by a variety of interior design websites – but now it’s time to show some never before seen photos from the living room.

The grand view of the living room of the COCOCOZY Design House from under the archway. Before I had a chance to list the home on the market my sister scooped it up and bought it! She immediately fell in love with the entire home – the exterior, the interior, the layout, furniture everything. She bought it as is fully furnished and hasn’t touched anything. Every time I visit it looks pretty much the same! It’s nice to get to spend more time in this home since the project meant so much to me.

Living Room

Here is a closer view of the living room. It took a lot of patience to source items that I felt strongly enough that fit my vision, but it well worth the hunt. I’m so happy with how this space turned out. Through all of my designs, I love to create a layered look without creating clutter. More on the sourcing of items next!

I layered the rugs to create an interesting combination of pattern + texture. Towards the end of the process, I knew it needed a side table. Eventually, it hit me that a clear acrylic side table was the perfect answer! A regular side table would have made the design look bulky. As a finishing touch, I placed some of my own original artwork on the wall behind the chairs.


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