Stay warm for less this winter with £17.99 Aldi electric blanket

Forget notions of granny’s old blanket, the electric blanket is having a resurgence. But they’re often not cheap, that is until now thanks to the Aldi electric blanket that costs just £17.99. We don’t now how they do it folks, we’re just glad they do!

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We’ve done our research so we know the benefits, costs to run and more importantly…we know what a bargain this Aldi electric blanket really is!

The new heated blanket is available for pre-order this Sunday 26th January.

Arriving in stores next Thursday 30th – sure to be met with a warm reception.

Aldi electric blanket

Aldi electric blanket

Image credit: Aldi

The Easy Home electric blanket features an easy-to-use controller, and the overheat protection ensures safety. It’s even machine washable, to ensure it’s easy to keep fresh and clean.

This model boast two different heating zones, with three temperature settings each for upper, lower and whole body.

In our pick of the best 10 leading designs on the market the prices vary between £21 to £99. Meaning Aldi, as always, is the best on price. We haven’t tested it, but we know they choose the best quality at the lowest prices.

Aldi electric blanket

There’s a question of how much do electric blankets cost to run? This all depends on how much you use it of course. It can either be kept on all night on a low setting, or used for a short amount of time to heat the bed before you get in.

Our chief tester Alice informs us, ‘Energy Helpline tested a 60 watt and a 70 watt blanket for seven hours a night over six months, which is as much as you’re likely to use the blanket for. The annual cost for the 60 watt was £14.60 (8p a night) and £16.42 for the 70 watt – (9p a night).’

Aldi electric blanket

Image credit: Aldi

More than just great for staying toasty, electric blankets also offer health benefits. The heat they provide increases blood circulation, to help muscles relax. This in turn helps to alleviate any muscle tension or stiffness.

Various studies have found the benefit of heat to aid with a number of health conditions such as arthritis.

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Electric blankets have long divided opinion here at HQ, half love them and own one, while the other half can’t shake off the granny association. At this price, can the non-conformers be converted? We think it’s a strong probability.

Will this be the electric blanket to win you over?

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