'Queen' in a street names gives house prices a royal boost, according to new research

What’s in a name? If it’s a street name it could mean a boost in house prices, especially when it comes to the most expensive streets in London.

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New research has revealed that over the past two years streets in London with ‘Queen’ in have fetched the largest average house prices. Streets such as Queen Street, Mayfair, Queen Anne’s Gate, Westminister and Queen Anne Street, Marylebone, fetch an average of £943,000.

Most expensive streets in London

Queen is the most expensive commonplace street name in London. It is closely followed by ‘Square’ which had an average home value of £806,000. In third place is ‘Gardens’ on £783,000.

West London street

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However, a royal name is not a guarantee of a high house value. Addresses that included the word ‘King’ were found to be worth half as much as those with ‘Queen’ included.

Streets with the word ‘King’ were found to have an average home value of £478,000. Surprising, since the King’s Road in Chelsea crosses through one of London’s most expensive areas.

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London estate agents, Nested, analysed all sales registered at the Land Registry between January 2018 and end of last year to determine the names of the most expensive streets in London.

If you’re looking to make a profit avoid streets with the word ‘parade’ in. The survey found that ‘parade’ while it might sound pleasant, knocks and average property value down to £344,000.

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‘Her majesty may have had a torrid time of it recently, but for London homeowners with Queen in their address, it’s never been better,’ Ben Bailey, Nested spokesman told

‘Big sales in Mayfair, Marylebone and Ealing powered it to the top spot.

‘But if you really want to bag a bargain, it’s worth looking at the other end of the scale where addresses that contain the world Lawns are often home to the least-valuable properties,’ he adds.

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What is the name of your street?

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