Best table lamps to light up homes in style this season

From focused task lights to more statuesque designs with shades, the right table lamp can change the feel of any room – helping to alter the ambience at the flick of a switch.

There are many – excuse the pun – ‘elements’ to consider before buying a lamp. For example in a bedroom you can afford to opt for a more intimate, small light that’s not going to crowd a bedside table. Whereas, in a living room, you might choose a more statement lamp, to add a decorative feature – either with an intricate and ornamental base, or a bold, embellished shade – or both.

Large lighting in strong colours can create a statement whereas smaller, more neutral versions will blend effortlessly into the background casting a gentle glow, without distracting the eye.

You should also consider the two personalities a table lamp takes on. Be sure you are happy with how your chosen design looks both unlit during the day and then lit at night. The bulb plays a role here. Depending on whether it is a cool or warm light, it will influence how the colour of the shade looks in different ways, particularly if that shade is a bold colour.

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Whether you are a lover of dramatic designs or prefer a classic subtle style, we’ve picked a selection of the best table lamps that will offer the perfect ambience to illuminate your home.

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