Keep forgetting to clean the microwave? Join over half of brits who are drawing up a 2020 cleaning schedule

Kicked the new year off by devising a cleaning schedule for the house as you finally get on top of all those neglected cleaning tasks? You’re not alone.

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A study by End of Tenancy Cleaning Company revealed that 67 per cent of Brits have made a cleaning schedule for 2020. But which often ignored parts of the home will we honing in on with our cleaning sponge in 2020?

Cleaning schedule for the house in 2020

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The survey revealed that 81 per cent of property owners and renters will be aiming to clean the inside and outside of the microwave once a month. If you can’t remember the last time you scrubbed your microwave plate, it’s probably overdue a clean.

74 per cent of those surveyed revealed that they planned to carry out the glamourous job of washing their bins monthly. Give the bin a spritz with an antibacterial such as zoflora in-between cleans to keep unpleasant smells at bay.

Cleaning the kitchen and bathroom cupboards were found to be the area of the home Brits most wanted to clean every three months. This was followed by  cleaning the dishwasher and washing machine which 68 per cent said they wanted to clean at least once every three months.

Surprisingly, 47 per cent of Brits aimed to clean all the door handles in their home once every three months. As something we touch every day, consider investing in a product like Lakeland’s Bathroom WipeOut 365 Anti-Bac liquid guard to prevent spreading bacteria spreading around the home.

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‘A new year brings a new-found desire to attend to the things in our lives we have not paid enough attention to,’ says Ivan Ivanov, the managing director of End of Tenancy Cleaning.

‘For many, this means assessing the level of cleanliness they are currently achieving in their living environment and in doing so, unfortunately realising it’s not adequate enough.

‘It provides the opportunity to carefully identify all the ‘forgotten’ and ‘ignored’ parts of the home they have been neglecting to clean regularly,’ he adds.

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What neglected cleaning tasks are top of your rota this year?

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