Which IKEA icon are you? Fun new filter determines which best-seller suits you

Hold the flatpack furniture because a new IKEA Instagram filter has launched – to offer the ultimate personality test for fans of the much-loved Swedish homeware brand!

‘Which IKEA icon are you?’ is the latest online craze set to sweep the nation – especially devoted shoppers.

If your Disney character left you in dismay (mine was Captain Hook?!) this new icons game might suit you better!

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With the ‘What X Are You’ filter trend dominating the world of Instagram, you can now determine which cult IKEA product embodies you best…

IKEA Instagram filter with Hemnes bed

Image credit: IKEA, iconic Hemnes bed – says you’re a calm and collected daydreamer

Which IKEA icon are you?

Whether you’re a big softie like the Ludde sheepskin rug, a saucy romantic like the Sensuell pan or strong and dependable like the Frakta bag, it’s time to find out which IKEA icon you are.

To play along simply go to @ikeauk’s Instagram account, and click on the filters section.

IKEA Instagram filter newly launched

Image credit: IKEA

Here are the IKEA icons you could be paired with and what they say about you…

Swedish meatballs – traditional and uncomplicated, you enjoy life’s simple pleasures
Frakta bag – Strong, dependable and love to make a bold statement
Billy Bookcase – Book lover with a timeless style
Allen key – Goal achiever and peacekeeper, you bring everyone together and can turn anything around
Kallax shelves – Practical and organised
Strandon armchair – Classy and cultured
Hemnes bed – Calm and collected daydreamer
Famnig Hjarta cushion – Extrovert socialite who also gives the best hugs
Sensuell pan – A romantic who likes things a little saucy, steamy and occasionally stirs up trouble
Blahaj shark – Big kid at heart, you’re care-free, easy-going and yes, a little random!
Ludde sheepskin rug – the softie who is fluffy on the inside
Glimma tealights – Easily influences people, you set the mood wherever you go

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Which IKEA best-seller will you be?

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