Attention pet owners! Aldi has a new range for beloved pets – including an automatic feeder

The latest range of Aldi pet accessories has all manner of treats for our four-legged friends. From comfy cat caves to automatic pet feeders, all at affordable prices this is a Specialbuys drop not to be missed by pet owners.

The new pet collection is online to order now, arriving in stores this Thursday 20th February.

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New Aldi pets range…

‘At Aldi, we know how important pets are to families and we want to make sure they are as happy and healthy as can be – without breaking the bank ‘ says Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi.

‘This range has everything from agility courses, to luxury beds and a fantastic range of toys, to ensure our shoppers can maintain a high standard of care and quality of life for their furry friends.’

Aldi pet feeding stations

aldi pets

Image credit: Aldi

Keep your home looking chic with pets, even during mealtimes. These stylish wooden feeding stations elevate food to help keep your floors clean at all times.

The raised platforms offer two stainless steel bowls for easy cleaning, each holding 200ml worth of food or water at a time – suitable for both small dogs and cats.

Pre-order now: Small Raised Feeding Station, £9.99, Aldi

Aldi’s automatic pet feeder

Aldi pets

Image credit: Aldi

Brand new to the pet collection this year is the ingenious self-timed feeder. The smart contraption allows you to the freedom to miss feeding time, without missing feeding time!

Designed to feed one or two cats, kittens or small dogs the feeder features tightly sealed compartments to preserve freshness. Along with a
built-in ice pack to keep contents cold.
Both compartments have a separate timer to set to open at the required time, using the 48 hour timer.

Pre-order now: Cat Mate Automatic Pet Feeder, £26.99, Aldi

Aldi pet beds

Aldi pets

Image credit: Aldi

Give your cat a home of their own with this super cool cat cave! The 2-in-1 design offers a standard bed on the bottom half – allowing mogs to take in the views while they laze. Simply pull the top section out to create a cat cave for them to retreat in solitude.

Made from a super-soft faux suede whichever style you choose you can be sure they lounge in luxury and style.

Pre-order now: Pet collection 2-in-1 Cat Cave, £9.99, Aldi

Aldi pets collection beds

Image credit: Aldi

The definition of dreamy, the inside of the new beds are fleece-lined for maximum cosiness.

Available in four sizes (S,M,L & XL) and three stylish designs, these beds are ideal for creatures great or small. Smart grey herringbone, brown faux suede or stripe dog print designs ensures it won’t cramp your decor.

If it gets a bit shabby, simply pop it in the washing machine to keep it looking fabulous.

Pre-order now: Large Plush Pet Bed, £13.99, Aldi

Aldi dog agility course sets

Aldi pets

Image credit: Aldi

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? With Aldi’s amazing value canines can be expertly trained for less than £10.

Ahead of Crufts next month, determine if your pooch has what it takes to be crowned ‘Best in Show’ with a variety of Dog Agility Course sets.

Give your pup a new ‘leash’ of life with a selection of agility sets. Aldi has everything dog owners need to get started and challenge the Crufts competitors with Slalom Poles, Hurdles, Hoop Jumps and Tunnels – from just £9.99 each.

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The training is a great way to expend a dog’s excess energy, strengthen muscles and improve co-ordination.

The cute furry friends you see are just models, sadly they don’t come with the accessories! Now they really would be special buys!

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