Three lemon cleaning hacks that are toxin free and total genius!

We all know that lemon is great in cake…. or a gin and tonic (hic!). But did you know that it’s also the eco-savvy cleaners best friend? The humble lemon and its juice can be used to tackle all manner of cleaning tasks, and is a safe alternative to toxic chemicals.

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On last week’s This Morning. Queen of Clean Lynsey Crombie described three ways that a little lemon aid can transform your cleaning routine…

Kettle descaling hack with lemon juice

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‘I don’t like to use chemicals when I’m descaling my kettle,’ says Lynsey, who reveals she accidentally once made a frothy hot chocolate, not knowing her husband had put descaler in the kettle. Crikey!

Instead Lynsey pours half a bottle of lemon juice from the cooking aisle in the supermarket into the kettle, fills the rest with water, leaves it for 15-20 minutes to sit, then boils it. Finally, she rinses the kettle, and the job is done.

She also reveals that baby oil on a microfibre cloth is just the thing to bring the shine back to a kettle with a dull stainless-steel finish.

Lemon cleaning hack for microwave ovens

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Image credit: Polly Eltes

Lynsey likes to pop four pieces lemon into a small microwavable bowl of water, and put it into the microwave for five minutes, with the setting on full power. Then she just takes a cloth and wipes the residue away.

‘All the grease and grime falls off with ease – no scrubbing, nothing!’ says Lynsey.

Salt and lemon cleaning hack for chopping boards


Image credit: Tim Young

To clean a dirty chopping board, Lynsey says to sprinkle it with salt, then take half a lemon, squeeze it, and then rub it into the salted board.

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This chemical-free method will bring up the wood beautifully and shifts any dirt. It leaves a lovely odour, too.

Right, we’re off to the greengrocer.

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