Paris Apartment Tour

Today we are exploring a gorgeous Paris Apartment. There is something so romantic about Paris – I’m not sure if it’s in the air, the architecture, or the art but it’s impossible not to notice. That feeling is everywhere in Paris and certainly translates to this beautiful apartment. Let’s start exploring!  The beige exterior fits right in while the black door adds great emphasis to the exterior. I love the addition of trees/plants on both sides framing the door. The while detailing on the windows also adds a nice dash of brightness to the exterior.

This dining room/sitting area provides the perfect atmosphere for creative moments. The windows open in a gorgeous manner and let the sun drip in. I love the multi-dimensional base of the table and the polygonal tabletop. The chairs are also a beautiful shape to pair with the table.

Dining Room

The formal dining room peaks out from this view. The staircase and doorway provide an elaborate entryway to the dining room. The same stunning chairs from before are also in this room – this time paired with a circular table. The high ceilings and tall windows really shine in this space.

The living room takes an interesting spin and is packed with drops of yellow. The soft grey and white paneled walls meld with the yellow nicely. I love this unusual shape for a sofa. The minimalist choice in furniture allows the architecture + artwork in the room to shine.

The staircase in this apartment is very traditional looking – it’s almost as if it belongs in a museum. The details in the stone are impeccable and take this space to the next level. I love the door as a light green color. It looks nice with the black and beige.

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