Bonnie And Neil’s Beautiful New Showroom Is A Patterned Paradise

Bonnie And Neil’s Beautiful New Showroom Is A Patterned Paradise


by Sally Tabart

Photo – Stephanie Rooney.

Photo – Stephanie Rooney.

Photo – Stephanie Rooney.

Photo – Stephanie Rooney.

Photo – Stephanie Rooney.

Photo – Stephanie Rooney.

After starting their business from home ten years ago, this new Reservoir showroom and studio call in an exciting new era of expansion from Bonnie + Neil!

One of the most important (and impressive) elements of Bonnie + Neil’s business is that all their textiles and homewares are designed and hand screen printed in Melbourne. This is no mean feat! It’s this commitment to the quality and integrity of their products that sets their brand apart – and their new showroom invites customers into this process like never before.

Visitors will not only be able to see and touch products in real life before purchasing, but will also be able to watch the production process in real-time: from mixing colours, to screen printing and constructing. As we all try to become more discerning in the products we purchase, this level of transparency is something to celebrate.

We chatted with Bonnie Ashley, creative director of Bonnie + Neil, about this exciting new venture.

Congratulations on the showroom! How are you expecting this new space will change the Bonnie + Neil brand?

The beauty of having our showroom in the same space as our studio is that visitors can see our team hard at work.  Even though we communicate our “handmade in Melbourne” message as much as possible, most visitors are still surprised how hands on our production process is: from making screens and hand mixing ink colours, to our unique screen printing techniques, and then the process of drying and constructing individual pieces.

We really enjoy sharing “behind the scenes” with our partners and customers, so if you have the chance, please come visit us and ask questions!

Are there any special new things going on in the showroom you’re particularly excited for?

We’ve covered the entire floor in one of our new vinyl rug designs which (we think!) looks amazing. This is a functional demonstration of how versatile and customised this product can be.

I’ve also painted a huge mural of a palm and tree fern landscape that covers an entire wall. Painting is one of my passions and a design approach that we’ve been incorporating more often in our products, I’ve also completed a few large scale murals for various creative projects we’ve collaborated on.

What collections are in the showroom right now?

Banksia  is our seasonal release for Autumn/Winter 2020, and Bee x Bonnie and Neil which is our new diffusion range that includes new categories we haven’t explored before like bath mats, aprons and trays, as well some familiar product lines including tote bags, ceramics, cushions and throws.

The new Bonnie + Neil showroom is accessible by appointment from Monday – Thursday, and open on Fridays from 9am-2pm. The space opens this Friday, March 6th!

Bonnie + Neil Showroom and Studio
92 Plateau Road
Reservoir, Victoria

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