Over the summer in Europe, I saw crossbody bags EVERYWHERE. It was like everyone I saw had a super stylish small crossbody bag meanwhile, I was carrying around a lightweight spacious tote bag everywhere. There was also a ton of people with fashionable belt bags around their chests. Through my research, I found a couple of styles that can be worn that way but are a bit more elevated looking.

Before I started looking into buying a crossbody bag I was pinterest-ing like crazy. Left and right images of crossbody bags caught my eye. Here are some of my favorite I found that helped me pick out the perfect options.

I need to purchase a crossbody bag asap for my next trip. I thought what was a great post idea – to show all of the awesome bags in a variety of price points. From cheap to chic all of my crossbody bag picks that are perfect for any situation!

Under $100 Crossbody Bags

Top Shop – Mini Celia | Matt and Nat – Large Sam | Madewell – Leather Crossbody Wallet

First up are bags under $100. There are plenty of options even cheaper than these – but I always try to spend at least $50 on a bag for a better quality product that I will be less likely to toss after a trip. 

This green Topshop bag is super cute and very on-trend with current styles. Green is a great fall bag color that works well with fall wardrobes. I love the buckle detailing and addition of the top handle. The perfect sized bag for a day exploring or an evening out! The brown option from Matt and Nat is a vegan and sustainable option for those looking to minimize their impact and have an efficient bag. This no-frills bag with compliment any outfit and keep your valuables safe. The final option under $100 is from Madewell. This leather bag is much more expensive looking than it is thanks to the pebbled leather and gold chain. This envelope purse is just waiting for a night out on the town or a casual day strolling through the city. Such a chic option! 

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