The flash IKEA cleaning sale you need to know about – it's for a limited time only

There’s no better time than present to take spring cleaning to new levels. Especially after seeing the IKEA Borstad collection comprising of functional cleaning products designed to help keep homes in order – with everything from cleaning brushes and dust pans to laundry solutions.

And right now IKEA family prices means shoppers can snap up the new range of cleaning essentials even cheaper.

The limited price offer is only available until the 29th March or while stocks last

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‘They say a tidy home is a tidy mind’ says Clotilde Passalacqua, Interior Design Manager, IKEA UK and Ireland.

‘Our new Borstad collection is perfect for getting your living space in tip top condition so you can relax’.

New IKEA Borstad cleaning range

IKEA Borstad collection

Image credit: Borstad Drying Rack, £24.65 (regular price £29), IKEA

All items within the new range have been consciously designed, using natural materials. The attractive cleaning accessories are made from a selection of rattan, hardwood, cedar, metal, and canvas.

They feel like more than just cleaning products. The practical tools themselves ‘spark joy’ by bringing a sense of rustic charm to our chores. While embracing  traditional cleaning techniques.

Plus not only do they help to keep homes clean in style, they are in turn helping the environment.

IKEA Borstad washing-up bowl

Image credit: Borstad Washing-up Bowl, £12.75 (regular price £15), IKEA

‘The metal washing up bowl in the collection offers an alternative to plastic versions. And the wooden broom and metal dustpan’s a great away to get sweeping whilst staying sustainable – as it’s made from natural materials’.

IKEA Borstad dust pan and brush sets

Image credit: Borstrad Dust Pan and Brush, £10.20 (regular price £12), IKEA

Even the dust pan and brush sets are ultra cool in this new collection.

IKEA Borstad carpet beater

Image credit: Borstad Carpet Beater, £4.25 (regular price £5), IKEA

The carpet beater awakens an age-old method for keeping rugs in tip-top condition.

‘For those who like to keep their laundry beautifully organised, the range of rattan baskets within the collection offers different shapes and sizes,’ Clotilde explains.

‘The wooden clothes drying racks can either be attached to the wall or free standing depending on which best suits your space’.

IKEA Borstad laundry basket

Image credit: Borstad Basket with handles, £16.15 (regular price £19), IKEA

Clotilde goes on to say, ‘the collection also features products for those who treasure their belongings and like to keep them in good nick. Such as the clothes brush for sweeping away clinging hairs.’

‘And lavender potpourri bags to keep your wardrobe smelling beautiful’.

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Let the stylish #cleaning begin!

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