Aldi's popular heated clothes airer returns to stores this weekend

Pulling on a pair of socks still warm from the dryer is one of life’s little luxurious. However, it’s not a luxury all of us can afford/persuade our landlord to accommodate by installing a tumble dryer. Luckily Aldi has the ideal solution with the Aldi heated clothes airer.

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Aldi’s popular heated clothes airer is back in store on Sunday 13th September. The airer has already sold out online, but it will be available in stores. We suggest you get to Aldi quick as we don’t think these are going to hang around for long.

Aldi heated clothes airer

Aldi heated clothes airer

As always, what makes the Aldi heated clothes airer stand out from the crowd is the price. Costing just £28.99 the clothes airer is the cheapest we have found on the market. The only clothes airer that comes even close to the Aldi price is Argos’ selling for £40.

The airer has a large drying surface big enough to dry your sheets and towels in less time than a conventional clothes dryer. It has 20 separate heated bars to slip t-shirts, trousers and socks over.

Aldi heated clothes airer

Buy now: Heated clothes airer, £28.99, Aldi

It’s lightweight and foldable for easy storage. When you have a load of washing ready for drying, simply unfold it and plug it in.

As well as toasty socks on demand, the added benefit of a heated airer is that it can double as a radiator during the winter months. I snapped one up last year, and catch myself waiting for laundry day, and the added boost of warmth from the dryer when I’m watching the TV in the living room.

The heated clothes airer comes with a warranty of three years. So you know this dryer will see you through this winter, and the next one, and the one after that.

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The airer is on sale now so you better snap it up while you can. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

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