Before and After – Kitchen Makeover – COCOCOZY Design House

As the summer is coming to an end, I wanted to share the kitchen makeover process from the COCOCOZY Design House series. I realized that I never shared the before and after process of the kitchen renovation with you all. As some of you already know, this was my first time remodeling a home, which was thrilling and overwhelming. Now, it’s so satisfying to look back and see where the project started and how it turned out after ten months of work. Personally, I think that the kitchen is the most important room in every home. I think that the kitchen is the most important room in every home. It’s the designated room for dinner parties, family gatherings, and entertaining guests. The kitchen is the soul of the home and needs to make a big impact when it comes to interior design.

The Kitchen Makeover

My vision for this kitchen was to make it feel bright and open, but still complemented the Spanish Colonial feel of the home. It was important that the kitchen was not only beautiful, but usable too. I wanted to create a new layout that I call a livable kitchen. It’s a concept that utilizes a space to cook and a space for dining and entertaining. It creates a more fluid environment within a home. This livable kitchen concept was used throughout this kitchen renovation. 

The original layout limited the home’s true potential. It was divided into three separate rooms, making it feel dark and small in size. I knew that this house deserved a stunning updated kitchen that can enhance the character of the house. By adding an archway, it brightened up the entire room and gave the home some fluidity it so desperately needed.  Tearing down the walls and adding my own personal touch to the design, helped increase the value and appeal of this home. Having an amazing kitchen is an important investment when it comes to renovating a home. 

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